Adam Harris Thompson

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I met Adam in Augusta, GA a few years back now. Adam was leading worship at my Uncle’s church. I helped in that church launch and you can see that work here. I guess Adam liked what he saw because he reached out to me to help him launch his website which eventually lead to designing his logo & some merch. I’m very glad he did because Adam is one of the most talented individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Adam has sung to bar stools and church pews, the same. Like the warm, acoustic voices that came before him, Adam doesn’t constrain himself to one crowd or another, one people or another, one idea or position.

Every audience deserves a song, Adam believes. And every audience deserves the mercy of a good seat to hear that song, always.

Drawing inspiration from the lead single, West Virginia, creative edits were made to supplied promotional photography to bring an earthy & gritty tone 


Adam Harris Thompson. The name says it all.

Adam had just dropped another stage moniker before this project opting to perform under his God given name. This logo was one that I head in my head & just had to get it out. The interlocking AHT brings it right back to the simplicity of Adam’s initials & his move away from stage names.


Making an electronic press kit.

In the olden days, a typical artist press kit was housed in a folder or envelope and included a bio, a glossy picture (or a few), a CD (or cassette), maybe a sticker or postcard. An artist website is the new press kit. The AHT website houses everything Adam needs to effectively promote his working musician career.

- Artist bio
- Music
- Promotional videos
- Show listings
- Booking/contact form
- News
- Instagram gallery

Production: Nick Laws Videography
custom illustration


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