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Derrick Sheffield took the leap from financial management to coffee shop owner in order to see a dream come to fruition. Derrick’s initial contact was concerning mobile app ordering but as you can see that expanded into many different projects. Derrick trusted me to bring Sheffield Coffee Co to life & I’m very thankful to him for that. There will be more to come between Sheffield Coffee Co. & ERRØR TO THE THRONE … eyes open.



A good brand starts with a great logo

Right off the top I want to acknowledge the work of Road & Ford on the Sheffield Coffee Co project. This is the first time I’ve been asked to work on a project that already had a solid design foundation to work from. I must say I found it quite refreshing & hopefully something I get a chance to do in the future with other local creatives.

Please go check out their portfolio to see some other awesome branding projects.

Road & Ford


Hello Lightroom
my old friend!


Working with Matt Strickland Photography’s RAW shots, I got to jump back into Lightroom for some color grading for the first time in quite a while. ↑

Matt also assisted me with product photography for all of Sheffield’s drink offerings. →





-Derrick Sheffield

  • Progressive Web App (app mode)
  • Custom User Admin
  • Square Online Ordering
  • Digital Gift Card Integration (Square & GiftUp)
  • Custom Launch Site
  • Email Mailing List Signup
  • Email Newsletter Design & Configuration

Web Development

With the unknown of an ongoing pandemic, it was vitally important that the web presence of Sheffield Coffee Co excel at getting business done as if you were standing in the shop. At opening, customers could load their web app, place a customized order, receive a pickup time & that order would flow right into the POS in the shop.

You can still order this way but you’re passing up the opportunity to see some shiny, happy faces.

custom launch site
custom admin dashboard
  • Full Square POS Configuration
  • Register Menu Layout
  • Custom Modifiers & Product Variations
  • Item Sync with Online Ordering
  • Digital & Physical Gift Cards

Point of Sale

Error to the Throne assisted in consultation and configuration of the Square POS system at Sheffield’s. After careful evaluation of several vendors, Square was selected for ease of use not only behind the counter but for Sheffield’s customers.

Digital Gift Cards

Through the sell of digital gift cards on the launch site Sheffield’s had new customers & several hundred dollars worth of sales before the doors even opened. These launch cards were imported into Square & added to customer records for redemption on day one at the register.

Icons speak icon language.

-Riff Raff

The “S” Icon

Taking inspiration from the aforementioned logo from Road & Ford, an icon was created for use as web app icons & social media avatars. The icon has since been used on several pieces in the coffee shop. My personal favorite being the coffee table designed by Ingrain Woodworks.



Digital menu boards were designed to be dynamic and centrally managed. Giving Sheffield’s tons of cost savings & flexibility compared to traditional printed menu boards.

We did place a few static boards in the drive thru 👍🏻

drive thru menu
drive thru window menu



When I first contacted Clint at ETTT, I was building a new business that needed an identity. What he created was a brand. A brand that allowed me, my heart, and my constant pursuit of excellence to shine through. He brought a logo to life. Sheffield’s is now more than a coffee shop. It’s a personal reflection with public recognition.

Derrick Sheffield

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